Thursday, December 1, 2011

cool duo

AV Club.

Great NPR interview w/ Jonathan Moore, Shabazz Palaces and THEESatisfaction:

Jonathan Moore: As Ish mentioned a minute ago, we're here in Seattle, and so you're isolated geographically and essentially you pioneer or you die. You're in the wilderness. You make your way or perish.

ANN POWERS: That principle of self-invention can mask inequalities in a city like this.

JONATHAN MOORE: I lived in Atlanta for five years during college, and Seattle is probably more segregated than Atlanta, believe it or not. It is this kind of ideal that's propped up, that we live in a real liberal Patagonia-yoga-New-Age-type environment, but it can be really repressive here, if you don't have a sense of entity yourself.

You could live in Seattle and work as a white person and not have any interaction with people of color. They might not be in your office, they may not be in your school, they might not be in your neighborhood, so you just see them in passing, and that's not progress. That's not integration.

art history at its best

I Love Totally Looks Like.