Monday, February 6, 2012

hope, diversity, adversity, adversaries, isolation, segregation, expansionist historiography, etc.

hope for the present...

without forgetting the past. Props to Beebe for sharing the cuteness with me~and with this website, and all those in the region involved in the struggle, like my great uncles and great aunts who settled in this beautiful region in a not-so-halcyon-for-minorities-past.

From here:

"...The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project sought to use a 'long civil rights movement' framework to tell Seattle’s civil rights movement history online. From the beginning, we imagined that it would be a history that would range from the 1930s to the 1970s, rooted in the local history of everyday people’s struggles for jobs and freedom. That we conducted our work in Seattle meant that we would also inevitably shine a light on the fact that both racial segregation and movements against it in the U.S. West tend to be issues that go beyond black-white politics, and also include Latino/a, Asian American, and even urban Indian history."

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