Friday, May 31, 2013

how quickly

Brittany Salsbury: "how quickly the rhetoric and cultural production of race fluctuates. Combining reinterpretation of the past with a critical view of the present, “Black Is, Black Ain’t” emphasizes the necessity of renegotiating race’s very definition by problematizing it as social fact and, ultimately, discouraging complicity in the way it is culturally produced and viewed."
U of Chicago Exhibition/Black Is, Black Ain't.
There are so many things I love about this.
Black Is, Black Ain't

love art

The most healing and honest art I've seen in some time.


AAMD mentioned it in the 1990s and look where we are today? Museums need more people of colour throughout the ranks, including “in the top positions” and not just at the level of security guards, she says. Major resources should be put into “attracting young people of colour away from more lucrative competitive fields” into museum leadership positions, she adds.