Sunday, March 30, 2014

on the entrenched value of hierarchy

While I don't consider myself to be very Lacanian, I enjoy the idea of jouissance (hence the blog name). That union of self with universe and the mother. From whence does hierarchy proceed following the non-sense that characterizes jouissance? Hierarchical thinking and structure really contribute to some terrible things that have happened in our society and continue to happen--colonialist-imperialist domination of the minds and bodies, women defined in relation to men, etc. Is there some value to hierarchy that maximizes efficiency? Or does it inherently devalue persons as lesser than and more than each other--reducing them to capital, goods and services rendered? I want to say that we could do without the hierarchy...but, as many have witnessed and tried (and continue to try) to practice, democracy and egalitarian thinking is. just. hard.

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