Tuesday, December 27, 2016

important steps for white people/white art: investigating colonial blood, encouraging divestment from racist practice.

Found while googling "linnaeus taxonomy race"
  from Sasha Huber

The primary incentive for my artistic work has been the exploration of my Swiss-Haitian roots and identity via colonial history. This approach has broadened out considerably to include a range of histories and postcolonial realities. 

"As an artist Sasha is like a time travelling heroine who draws attention to historic trauma and its ramifications in the present."  Bruce E. Phillips, Seniour Curator, Te Tuhi, Auckland, NZ

I think she does it better than Isabelle Pauwels. It would be great to see a white male do this kind of work.

See that last line? Nice! 
Ethics! Art! Wow!

PS: I would love to un-euro-name every mountain. I call Mount Tahoma Mount Tahoma instead of Rainier to my daughter intentionally. I look to Denali as an example.

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