Tuesday, April 1, 2014

teachable moments

As a person who thirsts for justice and righteousness though imperfectly, when viewing say-small acts of prejudice and or ignorance, online or in person, you have to pick and choose your battles. Otherwise you will get crushed under the weight of the burden of teaching every ignorant thought action and deed you are witness to. Not that it's not worth trying--just know that there's a practical way to go about it without getting burned out and that generally is, choosing which moments are a time to teach and which moments are a time to trust that the prejudiced act will be encountered by another person or situation(and not take on the responsibility yourself). Learning self-care when you want to sacrifice self for others is imperative to keep on keepin' on in the struggle. A friend told me, you need to feed yourself and rest so you can get up and fight the next day (and the next one..etc.)

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